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Sustainable Business Award 2015

Time: 2015-12-24 11:33:40      Source: China Overseas Holdings Ltd.      View(s):23

        (24 December 2015) China Overseas Holdings Limited (hereinafter referred to as “COHL” or the “Group”) announced that the Group had been awarded the World Green Organization’s (WGO) “Sustainable Business Award 2015”, in order to recognize the Group to achieve the sustainable development goals of social responsibility through improving the quality of the working environment, promoting environmental conservation, good business practices and active community involvement.

        In response to Hong Kong Stock Exchange’s new ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) reporting guidelines for all the listed companies in Hong Kong to enhance business transparency on their social responsibility, WGO organized the first “Sustainable Business Award”. Referring to the sustainable business award in the United Kingdom, this award is set up to raise local businesses’ awareness of the importance of their contribution in ESG and to encourage corporations fulfilling their social responsibility through putting efforts on the improvement of workplace quality, environmental protection, operation practices and community involvement. Total 10 industry-leading corporations received the “Sustainable Business Award 2015” after professional assessment and COHL is proud to be the awardee. 

        In future, COHL will uphold its vision of “Steady development lays a solid foundation for sustainable development” and operating principle of “Exercise caution in details and implementation. Build a strong foundation to seek greater success” with proactive strategic thinking, detailed-orientated operations and a vision of people-oriented sustainable development, so as to manage stakeholder expectations, help to develop an integrated society and stride over the road to excellence and everlasting business regime.

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